SWARCOs innovative projects shown at ITS Copenhagen


Demo Nordic way2 iTS Copenhagen
Image: From the Nordic Way 2 Demo area at ITS Copenhagen 2018

On ITS World Congress in Copenhagen 2018 SWARCO has and is a part of at least three demonstrations. The Nordic Way 2 project that is led by the Nordic road authorities and two own demonstrations Bike Lane Assist and the Autonomous Valet Parking.

The Nordic Way 2 demonstration
In the Nordic Way 2 demonstration you can take a ride with a Volvo XC90 which will receive data from our controllers and signals. Quote from the demonstration invitation: “We will show how a car – without driver intervention – can react to traffic management decisions provided by “the cloud” from the Nordic road authorities.

The car will react automatically to traffic signal information by stopping the engine when appropriate and starting it again when you have green light. In dedicated geofence zones we can force a hybrid car to drive by electricity. We regard this demonstration as a starting point for connected and automated driving.”

The Bike Lane Assist demonstration
SWARCO demonstrates jointly with its partners several highly innovative safety use cases, among others collision warning between pedestrian and cyclists, the Bike Lane Assist and AI-based video analytics for real-time traveler insights.

The Micro-Mobility industry is developing at a fast pace and towns and cities increasingly invest in the expansion of their cycle path networks. Services such as bike-sharing, car-sharing, public transport etc. are becoming more and more attractive. However, such sustainable, intermodal transportation also raises new safety concerns. That is also our motivation, to find not only safer but also quicker, more convenient and environmental friendly solutions for travelers in the future. Please visit our stand C3-030 to join the demonstration!

Autonomous Valet Parking - Making your car park ready for the driverless car of tomorrow, today.
With the advancement of automated driving technology and its gradual adoption by the OEM industry, the door for innovative services that ease the life of the car driver is now open. The loss of time and energy when looking for an empty space in a parking facility will become a lesser worry tomorrow when the Autonomous Valet Parking services are deployed.

Car parks that communicate with vehicles through an industry standard interface will provide the necessary infrastructure ensuring the safe automated parking functions. A joint research initiative of SWARCO together with leading industry partners already brings that future closer. Now the visitors of ITSWC will have the chance to experience and learn about this technology.

We improve quality of life by making the travel experience safer, quicker, more convenient and environmentally sound.